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Christmas Card #26: Santa Caps Oil Wells Like Pro!


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  Christmas Card #26: Santa Caps Oil Wells Like Pro!  

$47.50 per box of 25. FREE high quality envelopes included.




Pilot Santa flies his helicopter to an offshore oil drilling platform on a full moon on Christmas night. This painting presents a steel gray "oil rig", a golden full moon, Santa's red Bell helicopter in a blue ocean and sky environment in festive Christmas colors.

An oil platform often referred to as an offshore, deep sea platform is a large structure with facilities to drill wells to extract oil and natural gas and temporarily store the product until it can be brought to shore for refining and marketing distribution. Oil rig platforms contain facilities to house the workforce and visitors. Main American and global deep water (in sea and ocean) oil fields are: Gulf of Mexico (Louisiana, Texas Florida, Mississippi, Alabama), California (Santa Barbara, Long Beach), Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Prudhoe Bay. In Canada New Foundland, Nova Scotia, West Africa - Nigeria, Sakhalin in Russia, Santos Basin offshore Brazil, the Arab and Emerite countries, Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea / Azerbaijan, the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. Oil rig platforms are serviced by helicopters such as Sikorsky Super Stallion, Black Hawk, Huey by Bell Helicopters, Puma, Sea-king, Chinook by Boeing .

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$47.50 per pack of 25.
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Santa visits the Capitol, Washington DC, New York, Manhattan, Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma, and the Southwest Desert, Louisiana Oil Rigs, Santa at the Oil Wells. The Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado and High Sierras, Reno, Las Vegas, Nevada, Gambling Casinos, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite Valley. Carmel and Monterey, the California Giant Redwoods, Muir Woods, Sequoia Forests, and San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge to Sonoma and Napa.
Santa is a Golfer, rides Cable Cars, hangs on Hyde Street, enjoys Capping Oil Petroleum Wells and Flies Helicopters to the Offshore Oil Rigs. Santa can be found to rocket into space with NASA Space Program, is a Stagecoach Pioneer, Pony Express Cowboy, Loves Surfing Hawaii, Florida Beaches, Mavericks Wave, Tasting Wine and Champagne in Wineries and Wine Cellars, Caves after Sledding and Hot Air Ballooning in theWine Country



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